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Bringprice is a tech-startup from Seoul focusing on technology that makes travelling easier and cheaper. We have developed a proprietary algorithm that allows travelers to rapidly identify the best itineraries for their multi-destination trips. This technology is used on our website, www.bringprice.com, and is also licensed out to travel agencies and airlines.
Roy Weon
CEO & Co-Founder
HeeSang Kim
Back-end Developer & Co-Founder
CheolWoong Lee
Front-end Developer & Co-Founder
Seok Han
Back-end Developer
DoJun Lee
Back-end Developer
HyunJu Lee
Boram Park
Jihwan Lee
Technical Advisor
Rani Francois-Marie Saad
Business Advisor
B2B and Partnership Opportunities with Bringprice
Our core technology is a patented algorithm which allows to almost instantaneously compare tens of thousands of multi-destination itineraries to identify the best ones based on the travelers’ preferences. This technology is currently used on our flight meta-search website and is also available for use by travel agents and airlines.
Search solutions for OTAs and airlines
Our algorithm allows travel agents and airlines to offer a superior multi-city search, thus providing added value to their customers and increasing conversion. Our algorithm allows for an integration into a wide range of existing systems and our team of developers will work with each customer to tailor it to the specific requirements and IT environment. Our search solutions are described in our introduction presentation:
Bringprice Search Solutions Introduction (.pdf)
Data Partners for www.bringprice.com
We are always open for partnerships with OTAs and airlines who want to present their product to the users of our metasearch platform. We are especially interested in partners who can provide deeplinks to their one-way or multi-city flight offerings. Please refer to our platform introduction to learn more about our approach and target markets:
Bringprice.com Platform Introduction (.pdf)