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Frequently Asked Questions

I saved an itinerary yesterday. Why is the price more expensive today?
Bringprice collects information on price and availability from more than700 online travel agent
and airlines. Airline ticket prices are known to change frequently.
If you find a great deal, you might want to book it soon before it disappears.
I have a question about my flight booking
Bringprice provides you with links to various third-party websites on which you can book
the flights of your itinerary. Once we forward you to these sites and you proceed to
book a ticket there, we have no control over your data and booking.
Please direct all inquiries to the website you used to book your flights.
I want to / don’t want to fly with a specific airline
On left side of the search results page you will find a wide range of filtering options.
Among them a filter for airlines.
Simply select, or de-select, the airline you want to include/exclude.
If the airline is not in this list, unfortunately it means
that it does not provide flights that fit your chosen destinations.
How can I change the duration of stay at each destination?
By default, Bringprice will assume you want to split the duration of your trip equally among the chosen destinations.
If you want to spend more/less time at the destinations,
use the “Duration of stay” sliders at the top left side of the results page.
You can adjust the minimum and maximum duration of stay at each destination.
Just keep in mind that the minimum duration of stay at each destination is 2 nights and that the total stay at all destinations cannot be shorter than the total length of the trip.
But don’t worry, if you enter an impossible combination, the website will tell you and ask you to change your selection.
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